Banana Smoothie For The Breakfast

Smoothies are great for the healthy routine. There is no doubt that you have to make a perfect combination of various ingredients in order to prepare a smoothie. This is only possible when you know about some good smoothie recipes.

Lack of knowledge about the process of preparing it will not only make the taste of smoothie worst but also you will not be able to get the desired benefits of it. The first thing that you must know is that preparing smoothie is more art and less science. Thus you need to have a good smoothie maker to prepare it. This way you will be able to prepare your smoothie without any delay.

There is no doubt that you can make smoothies with different types of ingredients but here we are going to tell you about the banana smoothie. There are many reason banana is the first choice of many experts. It is the most nutrient fruit and you can easily process it without any problem.

What do you need?

–    2 bananas

–    ½ cup vanilla yogurt

–    ½ cup milk

–    2 tbsp honey

–    A pinch of cinnamon

–    One cup of ice

Adding sweeteners

You can also adjust the amount of honey in this as per your own choice and preferences. But make sure that you are not adding too much sweetener to it. Now put the milk and banana in the smoothie maker first. Blend it for a while to prepare the mixture. Now you can put rest of the ingredients to it and start blending.

Easy to prepare

The banana smoothie is can be prepared just in few minutes without having any deep knowledge about the kitchen operations. Thus you can serve this to your children in the morning when they don’t have so much time. Adults can also use it to stay full for long hours by mixing up some peanuts to it.