Golf Cart Battery Maintenance Tips

Electric Golfing Carts typically are driven by six lead-acid power packs attached to a metallic rack under the seats. A 36 volt system has six 6 volt profound cycle electric batteries and a 48 volt system has six 8 volt power packs.

This sort of golf cart electric battery will need to have distilled drinking water added frequently. Each golfing cart owner uses their cart in another way and this style will regulate how often the battery packs should be maintained.

If you utilise your golfing car 5 – seven days a week the game of golf, working throughout the house, or face to face then you must check the normal water level in each power every 10 – 2 weeks.

If you put it to use significantly less than that then it’s important to check on your batteries at least one time a month. It isn’t suggested that you add any extra acidity to any battery pack.

Usually do not over load the batteries. Fill up each electric battery cell to within about one-eighth to one-quarter of your inch from the low lip of the fill hole. This allows the battery pack to “breathe” through the charging process.

Distilled drinking water should be added, if needed, following the charging routine has been completed unless the tops of the inner plates are shown. To get best golf cart batteries, you can visit .

In the event that you over load the electric battery it can cause the electric battery to overflow through the charging cycle and invite acidity from the battery pack to can get on the golfing carts body, framework, frame work, and much more then your corrosion and rusting process could get started.