The Benefits of Having Farrier Insurance

An Overview of Different Benefits of Farrier Insurance

Interested in farrier insurance? But, want to check all the benefits and features before taking the plunge? Well, then you have come to the right place since this is the topic we will be exploring in the following sections so that you are aware of all the aspects before taking the insurance.

Where is the Need for Farrier Insurance?

farrier insuranceAvoid Lawsuits: For any farrier, his income, as well as his business, is at risk whenever he has to visit a client's location. This is due to the fact that a farrier can face a lawsuit if his business activities result in some kind of damage. 
Get Protection: The farrier insurance offers needed protection in case you are held responsible for bodily injury or property damage. As for instance, you can face a lawsuit if any of your act results in a fire in your client's barn or somebody trips and falls from a tool that you left on the ground.
Bear Medical Expenditures: It is likely that you as a farrier will be performing your duties with due care but mistakes can happen while you are working with horses and as such, it is necessary to take a farrier insurance to get necessary coverage in case a horse gets injured and you have to bear medical expenditure related to the same.
Cover Stocks and Tools: Similarly, stock and tools you use can get damaged in an accident or be stolen by someone. By ensuring them you will have the assurance that your valuable assets will remain protected and you will be able to continue working without any interruptions.

What Does Farrier Insurance Coverage Include?

This type of insurance provides coverage for various things such as:
  • Your farm machinery, property, and home
  • Fuel tanks
  • Farm sheds and buildings
  • Equipment and boiler breakdown
  • Vehicle accident repairs
  • Carrying vehicles for livestock
  • Business interruption
  • Vandalism and theft
  • Pollution and general liability

Loss Prevention Program

Many of the insurance providers have risk consultants who can assist you in identifying hazards as well as in avoiding losses and accidents before they actually occur. Few of the things which are included in such loss prevention programs are:
  • A thorough analysis of farm property, electrical and heating systems as well as environmental risks.
  • Analysis of accident trends and claims
Risk consultants can also examine hazards that you may be unaware of. Few such hazards include:
  • Chemical hazards such as solvents, pesticides, and fumes coming out of manure tanks.
  • Biological hazards such as mold, dust, viruses, and bacteria
  • Physical hazards such as radiation, noise, light, heat, and electricity
  • Hidden risks in confined heights and spaces
  • Heavy work consisting of tasks such as lifting as well as moving of heavy loads
  • Work performed in extreme weather conditions

A Final Note

We can conclude here with a final note that farrier insurance can certainly prove to be very helpful for you and provided you needed protection from any kind of eventuality.