‘TIPS’ to Increase your Retail Sales

The power of impulse selling is only well understood in the retail industry. Most stores give some thought to capturing needed sales that would help boost the basket size, here come things like signages, and custom signs and signage holders are most probably overlooked.

In most cases the favored impulse sales location is the checkout, the only problem is that customers at the checkout are busy, feel under pressure from the people waiting in line at the back, and often they give no thought to making additional purchases.

However, people standing in the queue are idle and are ever ready to engage with anything that would provide the stimulus, creating the ideal selling environment.

Checkout line stats

The format of experience across many different retail stores shows up to 10% of customers would make a purchase of items merchandising in the checkout line. There are no other locations in a store where customers would make purchases. All stores usually experience an increase of 25% to 40% sales and in some cases, this figure is much higher than that.

Merchandising the Queue

Providing merchandise in the queue will not only increase your sales but provides something to engage waiting customers making the wait seem shorter.