Types Of Cable Stands

Cable pulling stands and caddies have been providing people with ease. With excess availability of these items, it has become easier for people to manage their electrical wires associated to television sets, air conditioners or extensions. There is a variety of cable stands and caddies available in the market. A few types are enlisted here to help you select the one more suited to your purpose.

Courtesy: jackswinches

1. Reel trailers and carts

These carts are portable. They can be pulled at the handle or can be dragged by automobiles. They have shock absorbing inflated wheels. The free and easy movement helps in accessible transport over long distances.

2. Rolling Spool Cart

It is a cart that holds a varied range of spool sizes. Wires or cables can be wrapped around the spindle. The cart provides a handle for pulling it around. It is widely used under all construction and household purposes.

3. Mobile wire dispenser

Mobile wire dispensers can store up to 1000 inches of wire. It is free in mobility and is easier to carry around. It is also handy for quick storage purposes.

4. Reel holder

It is the simplest form of cable stand. It can hold a limited inch of wire around its spool. Being the simplest also makes it the easiest to use. The wire can be quickly assembled and disassembled under all conditions. It is relatively easier to carry on and off construction sites.

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